Statement - Patricia Esposito

In this imperfect world, it has been said that my work is "perfectly imperfect". Working abstractly with scrap metal comes from my soul and subconscious. My creative process is intuitive. The sculpture is first imagined, then produced, and only later analyzed as to its true meaning. I call it Spirit or my ancestors coming through, giving my art a voice. Recycled materials reflecting their past is ongoing in my work. Rust fascinates me. Corrosion of many layers, colors and textures can take years to achieve the beautiful patina of its current life. Metal goes thru a metamorphosis, not unlike the colors and textures of the seasons. The contrast of earth and rust, with the harshness and coldness of steel, can live harmoniously as in some of my two and three dimensional works. It can take months and sometimes years to locate the correct type of piece to complete a work of art. My artwork often includes the four elements, Fire, Water, Earth and Air—all present in the organic materials that nature has created and that I enjoy using in my art. I also use photography in some pieces not only as a constrasting element but to express the interaction of technology and nature in life. Both can live harmoniously.

The ongoing crisis of urbanization of our wilderness is always on my mind. So is the concern of a third world war. My installation Hiroshama/Nakagsaki serves as a reminder of the inhumanity of the past and a warning against future repetition. Oppenheimer's Tears represents the discoveries originally made to benefit civilization that are then redirected for its destruction. Tree Zero I and II are dystopian symbols of the last tree standing after pollution and progress have taken its final toll on Mother Earth. Other pieces utilizing agricultural tools warn of the harmful effects of flourides, pesticides, and other neurotoxins found in our food and water supply. Future generations are endangered.

We live in a dark time where crimes against humanity and nature are common place where the greed of a few jeopardize the survival of all. A complacent society has become an accomplice in this ongoing destruction. We are "just the people" and I am "just an artist". But as an artist I have a responsibility to spread the alarm to my fellow man. My fervent wish is that both my art and my spirituality serve as catalysts that will help bring about the reversal of Mankind's demise and begin the healing of Nature.